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The Difference Moonstream Makes in Web3 Game Economies tools

Web3 games use to keep their economies healthy and to make sure that they don’t crash. 

Most blockchain games find that as soon as the game launches, their actual economy doesn’t care about their tokenomics model or their white paper or any of the plans that they made before launch.

And we’ve become a critical tool of economy management. We’ve done millions of transactions on multiple mainnets. We have close to 100,000 active accounts using our platform. We’ve secured smart contracts with tens of millions of dollars of transaction volume.


Before Moonstream existed, web3 games basically had two strategies to keep their economies healthy. The first one was initial token sale plus marketing.

Games would raise a lot of money during a token sale. But then it would become a downward spiral for their economy. Next step would usually be spending a lot of marketing money to bring new players into the ecosystem. 

But if you’re spending a lot of money to bring new players in and the only thing that’s keeping your economy propped up is the continuous influx of outside money – there’s a natural limit to that. It’s a Ponzi scheme. That strategy didn’t work out very well. 

The second most popular strategy for games without Moonstream tools is staking programs. Staking programs are a way to keep prices of game tokens up. Players can tie up liquidity for a year or two and are offered a monthly yield on what they stake. 

This is how treasury bills work in the US economy. It’s a reasonable strategy, but it’s pretty one-dimensional.

The biggest problem is you can’t really have a healthy economy unless there’s value being created within that economy. 

It’s the reason that the GDP (gross domestic product) is one of the key metrics that we track for real world economies.


Our principle at is that we build the means of on-chain production. is a collection of smart contracts that we deploy into economies and that give the players the means of production in that economy.  And then game projects tax that production. That’s the healthy way to run an economy. is a set of infrastructure tools that help people build games by hiding the complexity of blockchain integration and economy building.

We don’t advise game designers on how to balance their economies. We provide them with tools to execute their own ideas on-chain without having to create and manage their own smart contracts. And we are accepting the risk of guaranteeing those operations on-chain.

Our tools can be deployed into existing economies as well as new economies. We have tools for analytics, for creating leaderboards, for dropping rewards to players. We also have smart contracts that represent Minecraft style crafting. We have a protocol to represent items, badges, and achievements inside a game.

Moonstream can also be used for player acquisition. Games use our tools to host free-to-play type of tournaments with achievements to onboard new engaged players.

And because it’s pretty important to continue developing our technology, we also release our own games. At the beginning of last year we launched Crypto Unicorns the Dark Forest which became one of the most successful on-chain minigames at that time with close to a 100 million in transaction volume. 

Now we have Great Wyrm, an on-chain fantasy RPG that you can start playing right now on a gasless chain.

To start using Moonstream’s infrastructure tools or ask us any questions, reach out to us on Discord. Thank you for reading!