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New State and Metadata Crawlers

state and metadata crawlers

Weekly updates 2.16

> Game7’s Press Release about NFT Inventory made in collaboration with Moonstream went live.

You can read it here. And here’s our blog post about it with some additional technical details.

> Garden of Forking Paths front-end has been polished substantially since our last playtest.

We also did another playtest this week with the team. Here are the characters we played as.

> There’s a new Great Wyrm Discord server in town, please join!

>>>For more updates on the Great Wyrm development see this change log.<<<

> We deployed our new state and metadata crawlers into production for Polygon and Mumbai testnet this week.

The state crawler allows users to crawl any view method on a smart contract at any block (or series of blocks).

The metadata crawler crawls up-to-date metadata for ERC721 tokens. The metadata crawler updates token metadata only when it needs to, and it uses other on-chain events to determine if an update is needed.

If anyone would like beta access to these crawlers, please let us know on Discord.

> This week’s Twitter thread and blog post are about the advantages of decentralization in gaming.

That is all! Have a great weekend~ And don’t forget to join our Discord to stay in the loop.