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Weekly updates 06.10

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This week’s updates are as follows:

Crypto Unicorns

> Crypto Unicorns new items and badges that were distributed with Moonstream’s API:

These were airdropped this week, along with UNIM and $RBW for various reward programs (Pioneer Program, etc.).

> This week Crypto Unicorns did the Post-Launch AMA #5 with Co-founder and CEO, Aron Beierschmitt. If you are a CU player, share your thoughts! We’re curious (:


> We continue working on a customizable, gaming-friendly NFT market because OpenSea is just not up to the task. We called it Moonstream Bazaar. 

Here you can find the product brief for Moonstream Bazaar. As always, we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

> As promised, we announced our partnership with Crypto-Guilds

Crypto-Guilds is a platform that connects blockchain game players with guilds. They will use to host their on-chain reputation system for scholars and guilds. This will allow guilds to trust high reputation players with the most valuable of their game assets and it will allow players to build a reputation that transcends any particular game that they are playing. 

Through Moonstream Engine, Crypto-Guilds can give players badges with their reputation level. Players will have the ability to level up and upgrade their badges through participation in games. This is done with Engine’s airdrop and claiming mechanics, as well as crafting mechanics. 

> Gitcoin’s GR14 went live on June 8 this week. That means you can either submit a project or support a project. Check if your project is eligible here.

Find a project to support here.

> We did a Twitter Space with our partners from the Open Gaming Initiative. Guests included previous GR13 grantees. Here is a recording if you missed it.

Moonstream’ Sam Kamani did a podcast episode with our friend and fellow Open Gaming Initiative member – Paul Gadi of OP Games. They talked web3 gaming during the market crash, Gitcoin’s GR14 and much much more. Good listen for the weekend – here.

was also featured in an article about metaverses. Give it a read, share it with a friend~

Thank you for reading! Join our Discord to discuss the news (: