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20 Times Faster Blockchain Data Crawlers

Weekly updates 07.28

Our updates this week are:

Crypto Unicorns

> Moonstream on-chain usage report for CU community. We’re happy to bring value to the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem and we’re sharing this data publicly for transparency.

> Crypto Unicorns marketplace statement. As we were asked by the community to explain our position on developing a custom game-aware marketplace an why we’re slowing down, we decided to do just that.


> NFT v2 dataset is in progress. Thank you guys from Mirabolic for collaborating with us! 

We’re also actively working on improving the speed of data crawling. We’ve already got a 20x improvement on the speed of our crawlers.

> Crypto-Guilds: Started integration of Moonstream’s reputation system.

> We got ourselves a new Dots bot on Discord. That means a new onboarding flow for new community members. 

> Are you attending NFT Expoverse? Sam Kamani is going to be there. A wild zomglings might also appear.

Sam on his way to the conference:

Sam NFT Expoverse

> This week we published an article on Crypto Unicorns stashing tool that we made to connect in-game currency to the blockchain. You can read it here.

You can use the tool itself here. You will need to connect your wallet.

> We’ve also published a twitter thread on how to make blockchain game development easier. Check it here.

And as always, join our Discord server to get all the latest news! Thank you for reading~