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Fullcount Devlog #9: Replays

Fullcount Devlog

A swarm of bees delayed the Dodgers–Diamondbacks game this week, but the buzz around Fullcount is all about replays

This new social feature lets players share–and savor–their most exciting moments in-game. 

What is replay?

Imagine this: 

You’re locked in combat against your nemesis, down in the count, fouling off pitch after pitch in a desperate battle to stay alive. 

He throws low and inside. You see it coming and just barely get a piece of it. 

You’re sure he’s going to follow it with another pitch inside, probably a ball, but do you dare take the pitch?  

At the last second, you opt for a power swing, and good thing–the ball just catches the inside corner of the plate. And it’s low again. You’re off vertically, and you barely manage to make contact and keep the game alive. 

You’re sure–positive–he’s going to throw inside again, and you aim for the inside middle space. But wait. Would he really do something that predictable? What if he goes outside? But that’s exactly what he’d want you to think…. 

At the last second, on pure gut instinct, you swing high and outside. A second ticks by. Another. He’s taking his time. 

Suddenly, the outcome flashes across the screen and it’s a–

Home run!!! 

You read him like a book. Your blood, toil, sweat, and mind games all pay off as you sip from the goblet of sweet victory. 

You have to tell everyone…but how do you even begin to describe all of the drama?

No need. Now that replay is live, they can see it for themselves. From the ‘My Games’ list or ‘Other’ list, you can select any game and watch a replay of it. Relive your own highlight reel, or watch a suspenseful showdown between friends.  

Replay games on the ‘My games’ or ‘Other’ tab in PvP mode

After watching a replay, you can choose to exit or see it again
















You can also send a replay link to a friend or share it on social media. Anyone can watch a replay, whether or not they have a Fullcount account, so post your replays whenever you want to gloat, brag, or hype someone up. 

How does it work?

The replay feature reads what happened on chain for a given at-bat ID and replays the events on the game’s frontend. No new transactions are submitted on chain. 

Play of the Week

Replay also allows us to feature each week’s most exciting plays in the Fullcount News, the biweekly Fullcount newsletter. Fullcount News goes out to the email addresses players use to create their Fullcount accounts, and it brings them news about the latest Fullcount features and fixes, as well as upcoming events. 

For each edition of Fullcount news, we’ll look for exciting at-bats to feature and share the replay link with all of our readers. Send us a link to your game if you’d like one of your at-bats to be featured! We’ll add some commentary to the featured plays to make your highlights even more memorable and shareable.

I’ll close for the week with a look at one nail-biting moment from a game between users Wizarikus and Dr. Quinn:

Dr. Quinn is down in the count but manages to foul one off to stay alive. 

Wizarikus winding up.  He’s looking for that magical third strike. Here comes the pitch… Dr. Quinn swings, and–

–it’s outta here! Dr Quinn has the cure for Wizikarius’s fast ball as he diagnoses a dinger right over the left field wall. That’s some bitter medicine for the visiting team, whose rally attempt needs some serious life support now.