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A Reputation System for the Blockchain

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Weekly updates 07.14

This week’s updates coming right up!


> We’ve been working on a new way to use Moonstream’s technology – a reputation system. I posted a thread about why and how it works here.


We thought of a way to interpret trust on the blockchain for DeFi gaming or other purposes

Here’s one way to use it in a gaming guild:

You award players with points for completing tasks. They can exchange points for NFT badges. They can also level up their badges by collecting more points and combining them with the badge they own – through Moonstream’s on-chain crafting.

Those badges are understood by programs and smart contracts. Now the player has a reputation on the blockchain. You can check if you want to trust that player with valuable NFTs or other cool things.

> We’re releasing a new version of our landing page very soon. As always – we’d love to hear your feedback on it.

> An Exploit on the Shadowcorn Contract:

There was an issue in a Crypto Unicorns smart contract that allowed for a possible exploit of Shadowcorns hatching. The issue is now fixed. It’s important to be transparent so we wrote a vulnerability disclosure with the details.

> We’re collaborating with Mirabolic on our next NFT market dataset. That means that a new NFT market report is not too far away now if everything goes well.

> We’re also updating our Airdrops and Rewards experience to make it easier for game designers to use in order to reward their players. We’ll post the updates once their finalized for you to check out. We’ll be deploying them soon as well.


The MetaRoy Podcast that helps explain web3 in simpler terms hosted Sam Kamani on their previous episode. They talked about how easy Moonstream makes it to build web3 games. Listen to it here if you haven’t already.

And as always, join our Discord server to get all the latest news! Thank you for reading~