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Analytics 2.0 and Crypto Guilds update

Weekly updates

Weekly updates 07.06

Latest news from our team:

> We’ve launched a new UI for Moonstream analytics – Analytics 2.0 and published a blog post about it (with video!)

> We added ability to search within smart contract ABI with CTRL+F

and the ability to rename subscriptions

> TL;DR about the launch on Twitter:

> Congrats to our friends Crypto Guilds on their launch!

> A quick internal update. As the product is progressing, we have started getting more organized. We use GitHub projects for this purpose. If you want to follow the work we are doing or get a clear overview of our ongoing projects, you can see them here.

That’s all! Thanks for reading. If you are interested in blockchain, technology and gaming, join our Discord. Have a nice rest of the week!