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Automatic Drops Signing and other updates

Weekly updates

Weekly updates 02.13

Hey everyone, time for some updates, 

> In case you have not seen our latest blog post, you should give it a look! Last week’s blog post is about the issues that are preventing web3 games from mass adoption: <>.


> A new Fullcount dev log is out! Fullcount will launch with account abstraction. But we aren’t using ERC-4337 account abstraction. This devlog explains our reasoning.

> We are excited to roll out Automatic Drops Sigining on the Moonstream Portal, a feature that allows you to sign off on on-chain rewards that your players can claim.

In previous iterations of Moonstream, you could only use the Drops Signer through a CLI. Now, all your on-chain rewards can be signed without writing code using dedicated signing servers assigned to you. With this new feature, you simply upload a file with the list of rewards you are distributing to your players and select the signing server you would like to use. Sign with the server, and boom – your players can claim their rewards.

automatics drop signing

Drops Signer is available starting today. Simply contact us on Discord to set up your dedicated server to get started.

That’s all for today! Join our community on Discord to stay in touch.