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BGA Demo Day and Moonbound playtest

weekly updates

Weekly updates 9.21

Hello! It’s time for weekly updates. 

> Tomorrow we’re taking part in Blockchain Game Alliance Demo Day. We will present Moonbound UI there. Also, every presenter will ask a Quiz question and anyone from the audience will have a chance to win prizes. Event will be live on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch channels. Tune in tomorrow at 4PM CET! 

> Have you heard of Zealy? It’s a platform where people can earn XPs for completing tasks to engage with top web3 and web2 communities. We launched our own Zealy sprint for Moonbound. Join our sprint there to earn XPs and compete for the main prize – Elemental NFT by Champions Ascension.

> The open playtest for Moonbound will take place tomorrow, 9/22, at 6 p.m. ET. Anyone with an Initiate NFT is welcome to join. We will test the Moonbound contracts and UI using some lore and puzzles from the first ever Great Wyrm session, “The Discovery.” A note claiming Initiate NFTs: we will get an updated whitelist from Champions Ascension before the playtest. However, if you are trying to claim an Initiate and have already made your Champions Ascension account, feel free to message us to be added to the whitelist manually.

> Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a lot of analytics products on Immutable? Here’s why: <>

> Moonstream is still at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in SF, here are some photos:

tech crunch disrupt 2023


That’s all for the week. Join us on Discord to be in touch.