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ChatGPT playing Great Wyrm

ChatGPT playing Great Wyrm

Weekly updates 4.20

> We published an article on how ChatGPT interacted with Great Wyrm. The post describes how we managed to create an integration between ChatGPT and Web3, which provides the conditions that make it possible for a chatbot to engage with a blockchain-based game. Read the article on

> We started to build user guides for our smart contracts. They are currently in draft and after a few rounds of review we will add them to our official documentation at

We would appreciate feedback on the drafts from anyone reading this:

> This week’s twitter thread talks about our Dropper updates from last week. If you have not read it yet, it’s high time you did. 

> We added new Reda Game rewards! Including our first item – the secret message. In this week’s Reda Game, we tested a cooperative play style. Our players successfully shared the tasks of retrieving a secret message, dealing with rampaging beasts, getting information from a wounded rebel, and preventing potential traitors from alerting the guards before they could escape. We also continued to playtest and balance the Troll Battle this week.

> We are revising the first draft of the Great Wyrm Player Handbook. It will have some practical information for players including basic rules and mechanics. This document will make it easy to start playing the game. 

Have a lovely weekend everybody! Join us on Discord to chat about blockchain, technology and gaming.