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Code generator for blockchain crawlers, Fullcount updates and more

Weekly updates

Hey everyone, weekly updates are here. 

> A new blog post is out, it tells the story of how we went from 0 to millions in transaction volume with one fully on-chain game <>

> We recently attended a Twitter space where we talked about web3 gaming models, predictions and hopes for 2024. You can find excerpts from a twitter space with Coinchange and a link to the space recording at this link <>

> Last week we made our first public release of Seer: <>. Seer is a code generator for blockchain crawlers. We are building it as a replacement to moonworm <>. 

Although moonworm has served us well in production for close to 2 years, the fact that it is written in Python makes it incredibly difficult for our users to use. It also uses brownie <> as a dependency, and brownie isn’t super actively maintained.

That is why we decided to implement a similar tool, Seer, in Go. This allows us to provide our users with a small binary for their platform that just runs without them having to mess around with virtual environments, dependencies, and complex configuration.

We have started by releasing support for crawling Starknet events. You can generate a seer interface to a Starknet contract by using its ABI: seer starknet generate -a $PATH_TO_ABI. This generates all the Go code required to parse events and data structures related to that contract as well as all the Go code required to crawl those events.

We used this to build a crawler for Loot Survivor events: <>. This week, we will start working on adding EVM support to seer.

If you are interested in using Seer, please reach out to us on Discord and we’ll help you get started.

> Fullcount updates. We prepared some screenshots so that you can feel the spirit of the game. Besides, devlog #3 is out <>. If you want to join early players, please fill out this quick form <>. 

A screenshot from the game showing a BaseBot (a woman in a baseball cap and a jacket with a heatmap revealing that she only pitches to three squares on the strikezone grid) plays against a regular Beer League Baller (an image of a young man in a white shirt and cap).

Where will the bot throw next? Her heatmap reveals part of the pattern.

That’s all for now, have a good week ahead! Join our Discord to keep in touch.