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Collaboration with Influence, BGA demo day, and more

weekly updates

Weekly updates 2.28

Hi everyone, weekly updates are here:


> Moonstream collaborated with Influence, an on-chain space strategy MMO, to bring in-game missions to Discord. This initiative enables players to complete solo or community missions with the help of a Discord bot developed by Moonstream, which displays available missions and their completion status.


Moonstream enhanced its leaderboard tool to track player scores based on smart contract events, enabling this integration. This approach fosters community engagement and offers players a seamless way to collaborate or compete in missions directly within Discord.

Since its launch on Influence pre-release gameplay on February 21, 2023, we have seen 98 calls by players to check the mission status. And we are excited to see this grow as more players start more missions.

Want to know more about how we did it, read this blog.


> A new Fulllcount’s devlog is out, read it to know what determines the outcome of a swing and how Fullcount has evolved since the earliest playtests.


> Today we demoed Fullcount at the BGA Demo Day. You can watch the recording here. And here is a reminder that you can sign up to be among the early players, apply via this form: <>


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