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Coming Up With Better UI

Weekly updates 2.09

> We’re working on consolidating all of Moonstream features into a single portal:

As of now, that page can be used to access information about any Terminus contract. You can also edit that information if you have enough permissions to do so. 

Terminus Portal

Moonstream Terminus

Compared to the old Terminus front-end, this one uses Multicall. It works faster, has a better pool search, looks better, and is more convenient overall. 

We’ve also worked on the Airdrop workflow. We will support Airdrop functionality at ETHDenver 2023 with our drop mechanism based on Terminus pools and Entity whitelist collections.

> Speaking of, there are now public entity collections that you can share your whitelists and addresses with. No front-end for now, only a CLI version.

> Check out this new cover art for Great Wyrm by Nataly Kern:

Great Wyrm cover

Great Wyrm cover

> And here’s the updated Garden of Forking Paths interface:

Garden of Forking Paths Garden of Forking Paths

For more updates on the Great Wyrm development see this change log.

> Monthly newsletter for January just came out. Read it here.

> Hacktogether is canceled this Friday due to COVID. But it will continue next week (hopefully), so if you’re in the Bay Area, drop by!

Have a lovely weekend everybody! And don’t forget to join our Discord to stay in the loop.