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Crypto-Guilds and Moonstream – the Potential of Gamified Gamer Guilds

Crypto-Guilds + Moonstream

There’s been a lot of talk lately, that in this bear market web3 games finally shifted their focus away from tokenomics, economy building, and play-to-earn model towards fun and engaging gameplay. In the spirit of that, this summer Crypto-Guilds (a web3 gamer guild) is beginning to innovate the way web3 gamer guilds and games connect. 

On June 19th they introduced a ‘game about a game’ – Meta Game that offers an immersive experience for guild members. And the way they did this is through adding Moonstream technology on the back-end to realize their ideas.

Meta Game gives players an NFT character that they can equip with upgradable items when they interact with web3 games through the guild. Players embark on monthly quests within various web3 games to level up. The more they play the more items and upgrades they can get. With Moonstream’s products: Terminus, Leaderboards, and Drops, Crypto-Guilds was able to gamify a reputation system/loyalty program for their community. 

> Terminus is a web3 protocol that lets you create non-transferrable badges (among other things). With it Crypto-Guilds designed and implemented badges that players can display, showcasing their achievements and status within the guild. This adds a layer of personalization and a sense of accomplishment to being an active player within the guild.

> Leaderboards, as a scoring system, bring healthy competition to the forefront. The Leaderboards incentivize engagement and foster a vibrant gaming community.

> Drops, used for token distribution, allowed Crypto-Guilds to seamlessly distribute tokens and rewards to players. Airdrops more often than not cause errors, but with a token claim process backed up by Drops, players noted that it was the smoothest mint they ever experienced.

Crypto Guilds Claim
Moonstream’s ready-to-use infrastructure tools let you focus on game design ideas, UI, and player support instead of having to develop web3 integration from scratch. You can add NFTs, upgradeable items, character inventories, badges, and leaderboards to your project in a way that won’t break it in the long run. The way Moonstream does it is not through a standalone tool but through a working system of tools.


At Moonstream, we strive to meet all your requirements and offer a high level of support through integration. We do not tell you how to run your games, we only provide you with tools to put your ideas on the blockchain in a secure and efficient way. Reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions,

In this case we described how with the help of Terminus, Leaderboards, and Drops, Crypto-Guilds unlocked new dimensions of personalization, competition, and token distribution. Consider sharing this story with people who may be searching for a way to gamify their web3 community.