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Crypto Unicorns and Moonstream: Tooling for a Healthy Game Economy

Crypto Unicorns, developed by Laguna Games, is one of the top web3 games on Polygon. The Laguna Games team initially used Moonstream to provide analytics on their launch. That was in November 2021. Since then, Moonstream has become fundamental to the health of the Crypto Unicorns game economy.

Now Moonstream is a core part of the Crypto Unicorns LiveOps workflow. The ability that it gives the Laguna Games team to monitor their economy, and catch and correct issues before they become debilitating has been a big win from the start.

Before Crypto Unicorns launched their game, Crypto Unicorns: The Dark Forest – a fully on-chain minigame that ran on Moonstream technology – provided utility for players, and proved to be a very successful release mechanism and sink for their utility token (UNIM). During it, Moonstream was also able to quickly catch a smart contract reward randomness exploit and write a bot to snipe anyone attempting to capitalize on it. 

Moonstream’s Analytics helped Crypto Unicorns main game launch go smoothly despite volatile network conditions on Polygon mainnet. During launch, an outage even brought down Polygonscan but Moonstream Analytics kept on working without any interruptions.

The most used Moonstream tools for Crypto Unicorns right now are Terminus, Dropper, and Leaderboards

They create an ecosystem of tools that work well together.

The game is running seven leaderboards at the moment. Events centered around scores create token sinks and up the player engagement for specific game mechanics.

For example, the Summer of Love leaderboard event that ran for two months had over 2.6k wallets participate. It created over 43.5k new Unicorns and over 29.7k Unicorns were evolved. It also created utility for the game’s main tokens: $UNIM and $RBW, that were spent to breed and evolve Unicorns. Combined event-specific player activity consumed 184.1 Million UNIM and 2.75 Million RBW. 

Crypto Unicorns Summer of Love Leaderboard

Crypto Unicorns Summer of Love Leaderboard

The more foundational tools like Terminus protocol are also really important inside Crypto Unicorns’ game economy. Terminus makes it possible to create non-transferable items, lootboxes, transferable tokens burned by the game contract on use (consumables), etc. as NFTs.

More than that, Moonstream provides a ready to deploy infrastucture of tools that work well together. Tools like Dropper, that lets games distribute rewards to players through a claiming process. Get player data with Analytics, create Leaderboard events with it, distribute leaderboard rewards with Dropper, analyze the results. Repeat.

img source: Crypto Unicorns website

Moonstream makes it possible to build healthy web3 game economies. This is something that has proved challenging for many game projects, including giants like Axie Infinity. That’s why Crypto Unicorns have stayed with us after launch and continue deploying Moonstream technology for the on-chain part of the game.


Moonstream’s products generalize to any web3 gaming related project. We do not advise you on game design or how you should run your game. We provide you with tools and solutions to put your ideas on chain in a secure and efficient way.

Thank you for reading! Reach out to us on Discord if you want to use our tools to build a healthy, functioning economy for your NFT game or web3 gamer guild.