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Crypto Unicorns Event Updates

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Weekly updates 12.01

Seasons change but our weekly updates keep on coming~

> Crypto Unicorns news:

Shadowcorns: Throwing Shade launch on Sunday went great. Want to know how the game’s going? We will publish first week analytics next week so stay tuned.

> Some more exciting news: Together with Crypto Unicorns and GetBISmart, Moonstream created the first ever game leaderboard to contain data from both the off-chain CU game server and on-chain player activity. You can read more about it in this Twitter thread.

> We also posted an article about 5 infrastructure tools for web3 gaming (spoiler: Moonstream is on the list). It’s good to recognize and promote these tools to help advance web3 gaming, I think. Read it here.

> We’re working on Moonstream’s technology behind the scenes and that doesn’t always go on the weekly updates. Because we mostly update you on the results here. But if you want to keep an eye on our roadmap updates, you can subscribe to our Moonstream monthly newsletter.

Coincidentally, the next edition goes live next week! Don’t miss out~

That’s all for now friens! Have a lovely rest of the week and stay healthy. And don’t forget to join our Discord to stay in the loop~