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Decentralized Gaming Plans for 2023


Weekly updates 1.12

First work week after the holidays and we’re here again with the weekly updates. Happy New Year everyone, and let’s hope this year will be better than the last for both web3 and the world. 

Moonstream continues to build. 

> Prepare for some big announcements in the next few weeks regarding our Reputation System and Crafting.  

> We will be attending ETHDenver Feb 24 – Mar 5. It’s a huge event focused around decentralization, builders, and innovation in the web3 space. That’s more than a month away and it’s free to attend but it’s better to apply for a spot in advance. We’ll have some cool announcements at the event. 

ETHDenver 2023

ETHDenver 2023

> We’re working on a project to test our theory of gaming decentralization. We’ll be launching it soon so keep your eyes peeled if you’re into innovation in gaming. 

> Speaking of gaming decentralization, this week we posted a Twitter thread about the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons controversy. What’s your opinion on it? 

And that is all for now! Have a nice rest of the week friens~ And don’t forget to join our Discord to stay in the loop.