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First week of ETH Denver

First week of ETH Denvder

Weekly updates 3.02

It has been a particularly busy and exciting week thanks to ETH Denver! We’ve met a lot of interesting people there but the main part is only about to begin. Here is what has happened so far:

> We became an official sponsor of the event!

> Great Wyrm is live on the Wyrm chain hosted by The Wyrm chain is a gasless blockchain rollup meaning you don’t need to pay gas for transactions. Here are the instructions on how to connect and interact with the chain.

> We’ve almost set up our booth. It is in the Metaland Village, Booth #670: main Floor, street level. We’ll be there March 2-5 next to Game7 and HyperPlay. If you are at the conference, come find us to be among the first to play Great Wyrm and cast your vote. As a reminder – votes decide the next stage’s outcome. 

P.S. we also have swag…

> If you are not at ETH Denver but don’t want to miss out, visit the landing page to vote by clicking the ‘BECOME A GOD‘ button.

> We regularly update how the story goes on Twitter. Hope you enjoy the lore! For problem solvers, there is a very recent post with a puzzle. It is challenging, check it out.

> And just in case you need it, here come this week’s blog post explains what Great Wyrm is and why you should be interested in it. 

That’s all for now!
The past few weeks made us even more sure that talking with other people who are building games is the ultimate source of inspiration and insights for product development. Are there any people building games (not necessarily on blockchain) here available for a chat? Please drop a line on Discord.