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Free lifetime access to cross-chain analytics

Hi guys! Moonstream team here. We work hard to help you understand exactly how people are using your smart contracts across multiple blockchains. It’s like Google Analytics for web3.

Become our pioneer user and get free lifetime access to all Moonstream functionality that we’re going to build in the future updates. The offer stands until November 18.

Moonstream works for any Ethereum smart contract, regardless of whether or not it follows any of the major protocols (ERC20, ERC721, EIP1155, etc.). Where it takes tools like Etherscan and Metamask weeks or months to integrate new smart contract interfaces into their applications, we do it in seconds.

All you need to do is tell Moonstream where your smart contracts are deployed, and Moonstream starts showing how those contracts are being used right away: 

  • which exchanges your token is gaining popularity on
  • which marketplaces your NFTs are trading well on
  • which addresses are building large collections of your tokens
  • identify when someone is trying to exploit vulnerabilities in your smart contract
  • set up alarms for suspicious activity

Moonstream is cross-chain analytics in one place. Integration of Polygon, Bitcoin and other blockchains is coming soon. We are now working on bringing more value to our users. You can read more about what Moonstream does here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a lifetime access and sign up below.