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Fullcount updates and seer v0.1.0 release

weekly updates

Weekly updates 02.06

  • One of the most exciting features we are testing this week is Fullcount’s new single-player campaign mode. A single-player campaign mode in a FOCG, that’s right. Read the most recent dev log to know why we decided to add it.
  • Besides, illustrators have started work on the art for character portraits and achievements. We’ve drafted some new features for the bot campaigns: players will unlock bots one at a time by defeating the previous one; the top players in each season will win ownership of the bot NFTs.
  • This week, we released seer v0.1.0, which introduces the seer evm generate: Ethereum gophers must all be familiar with the excellent abigen tool, which produces Go bindings to EVM smart contracts. seer evm generate builds on abigen by adding a command-line interface to the Go bindings. By typing a few simple commands, anyone can have a fully featured command-line interface to their #Ethereum/#Arbitrum/#Base/#Polygon/#zksyncEra smart contracts.Read more about it on our GitHub: Watch this video to know how to generate a command line interface to any smart contract with Seer –