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Great Wyrm New Releases and Updates

Weekly updates 2.02

Great Wyrm updates

>With the design doc finalized, we have deployed the Great Wyrm RPG character contract on Polygon Mumbai testnet! Give it a star on our GitHub (:

>Wampleek (our engineer) showed the Garden of Forking Paths front-end demo this week! It’s coming along nicely and we plan to finalize it in two weeks. This UI will also be used for Great Wyrm adventures.

path 1

path 5

Garden of Forking Paths UI demo

This is an early demo. Later on there will be an interface for both players and Game Masters. There will also be no need for MetaMask transaction confirmations for players in the future so that the blockchain integration is not visible and will not get in the way of new players joining in.

> We welcomed a new writer to the team! ll be the creator of Great Wyrm adventures from now on.

> We began working on a website for Great Wyrm.

You can check out more details on our Great Wyrm progress in this changelog.

>We have resumed work on Dropper 0.2.0. 

We aim to deploy it next week. You can track the progress on our GitHub here: <>

We are also working on a drop flow in which players don’t have to submit transactions and tokens are minted by Game Master bots instead. We plan to launch this for Great Wyrm character creation at ETHDenver.

We have a prototype and plan to have it production ready in two weeks.

> If you’re here to find new web3 technology and use it in your project, this Twitter thread gives a good summary of what Moonstream can offer you. That’s not all of it but that’s what no one else does as good as Moonstream (:

Conferences and meetups

> This Friday you can join us again in San Francisco at the OrangeDAO’s Node 0 for a Hacktogether. Register here, tell your friends, let’s build new tech together.

> Another reminder to apply to attend ETHDenver Feb 24 – Mar 5! It’s free to attend, Moonstream will be there, Great Wyrm will be there, Game7 will be there..what’s not to like? See you there~

That’s all for now. Don’t be a stranger, give us a star on GitHub. Have a great rest of the week and don’t forget to join our Discord to stay in the loop.