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Inspector Facet v0.3.0, Seer v0.1.2, ETHDenver 2024 and more

Weekly updates

Weekly updates 2.20

> Inspector Facet v0.3.0 release. Inspector Facet is our command line tool to inspect the functions being served on an EIP-2535 Diamond contract. We just released Inspector Facet v0.3.0, which adds support for Foundry projects. If you are a Python user, you can get Inspector Facet by running pip install inspector-facet. To learn more about how to use the tool, go here.

> Seer v0.1.2 release. This version makes changes to both the EVM And Starknet code generation.

EVM changes: we added support for Foundry projects. Foundry users no longer need to extract ABIs and bytecode from their build artifacts to generate code with seer. They can just point the –foundry flag to the build artifact they care about. This version also adds the –alias flag to seer evm generate. This mirrors the functionality of the abigen –alias flag and helps when working with smart contracts with overloaded methods.

Starknet changes: when users use seer starknet generate to generate crawlers for Starknet events, the crawled events now also contain the block number of the block they were emitted in. For a quick overview of seer, check the README.

For a more in-depth demonstration of seer evm generate, check our demo.

> Two new threads are out. If you missed them, follow the links to read about custom account abstraction for games, and the ways echo chambers prevent web3 gaming from mass adoption.

> Moonstream is going to ETHDenver 2024 #BUIDL

> We are consistently working on Fullcount. Now we are testing new pitching bots and the first batting bots for Fullcount’s campaign mode. If a strategy baseball game that’s fully on-chain sounds interesting to you, here’s a reminder that you can sign up to become an early player. We’d love for your community to be among the first to swing at it!

That’s all for today! Have a great week ahead. Join our Discord to become part of the community passionate about blockchain, technology and gaming.