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Landing Page Retrospective

Weekly updates 12.22

Christmas is just around the corner but the weekly updates are already here.

> A new feature for our Community portal for games: Calendar. It’s still in the design phase but we have a design doc for you to check out.

The Calendar helps track events and trends inside a community. It combines a calendar view of gaming events and analytics from the players.
The design doc here explains elements of the Calendar.

Let us know if you have any feedback! And shout-out to our community member Sphinx for helping us in our research.

> A retrospective of our landing page.
This is how far we’ve come in 2022. Do you love dark themes as much as we do? As you can see, we made drastic changes to the design and the logo. The colors are mostly different and the page is much cleaner and shorter now.

Landing Page Retrospective

Landing page comparison

> Moonstream team is going on holiday from Dec 23 until January 8. We have a lot of things to prepare for next year (:

In 2023, our focus is going to be on making decentralized gaming accessible to the world outside web3.

I hope you all have a jolly good time during these winter holidays! Whichever holidays you’re celebrating, have a great holiday season~

And don’t forget to join our Discord to stay in the loop.