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Landing page updates, Great Wyrm news and Crypto-Guilds Inventory

Weekly updates

Weekly updates 07.20

> We’ve updated our landing page this week with a new FAQ, features page, and tagline <>


> We haven’t posted about Great Wyrm in a while. That’s because we’ve been quietly at work on an exciting collaboration that will be live in late August. Watch for more information in next week’s updates. For now we can tell you that you’ll never look at the moon the same way again.

Enter the Labyrinth. Lose your mind.

> Since the release of Crypto-Guilds Metagame last week, Moonstream has distributed over 700 pieces of equipment to players via our lootboxes. Players can equip the items through our Inventory contract to bind the items to their character NFT.

That’s all for the week! Thanks for reading. Join our Discord to stay tuned for more updates.