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Loot Project research and Great Wyrm economy

Moonstream Weekly Updates

Weekly updates 04.27

Two articles came out this week.

> First one is about Truth Labs (creators of Goblintown) changing all of their NFTs’ metadata, why they did it, and what came out of it. Read in our blog.

> Second one is about the Loot Project and lessons we can learn from how they applied complete decentralization. It’s a useful read if you ever thought about starting a decentralized project yourself. Read on Medium.

> “The Grand Finale” wrapped up the first cycle of our weekly Reda Games. We are now pausing the games briefly to make some improvements based on player feedback before the next cycle and to finish preparations for the Troll Battle. 

> We have started to document our ideas about the Great Wyrm economy. Next week, we will start building a simulation system to test and tune these ideas. You can already take a look here

> We have also started working on v0.2.0 of the Garden of Forking Paths smart contract. These are the features we will release in the next version on GitHub.

That’s all for the week. Have a good weekend everyone! If are interested in blockchain, technology and web3 gaming, join our Discord.