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Moonstream Analytics 2.0 – New Tool For Web3 Game Design

Moonstream Analytics 2.0 for Web3 Games

We’ve launched a new UI for Moonstream Analytics – Analytics 2.0. It’s a highly reliable version of web3 analytics that you can use without connecting your wallet. We run our own nodes so it’s much better than Etherscan or Polygonscan.

What can Analytics 2.0 do

You can use Moonstream Analytics to track individual accounts and smart contracts activity:

  • Which chains is the account active on?
  • Which smart contracts do they regularly interact with?
  • Who is using a particular smart contract?
  • How often are the contracts being used?
  • Which ERC20/ERC721 tokens do they interact with?

You can use these analytics to influence or manage web3 economies. Create loyalty programs and reputation systems. Predict the changes in supply and price of different tokens in an economy. Study competitors and capture the most valuable users from competing economies. Secure your smart contracts.

Game designers can watch their own contracts on mainnets (live operations, game tuning) and testnets (quality assurance). We support several EVM based blockchains, like Ethereum, Polygon, Polygon Mumbai testnet, the Gnosis Chain. If you need another EVM chain added (Arbitrum, Optimism, etc.) you can reach out to us on Discord and we’ll add it in a couple of days.

How to use

The biggest change with Analytics 2.0 is that now you have a completely new interface to create subscriptions to wallet addresses and smart contracts to watch and analyze. Works with live projects, or projects that are still under development.

There are two types of subscriptions you can create:

  • Regular addresses
  • Smart contracts

When you create a subscription to a regular wallet address, we gather all the data associated with it. You can then ask relevant questions about that data aka make queries about it, e.g. incoming transactions for a particular time period. You can then save the results of that query as a JSON file and use it however you want.

regular wallet address

Regular wallet address

Subscriptions to smart contracts are more complex. To start watching a smart contract you’ll need to provide an ABI, but usually it’s loaded automatically. Once you create a subscription we begin to gather all the historical data for that smart contract. The types of queries you can make are different for smart contracts, you can also export the results in JSON format.

Smart Contract ABI

Smart Contract’s ABI

All query types are automatically loaded from our library but you can specify parameters for them. If you want to add another type of query – there’s a button to request it.

Request new query

Who can use it

Anyone can sign up for a Moonstream account and start using Analytics 2.0. Account registration only requires username, e-mail, password.

Analytics are free at launch, we plan to turn on billing by the end of the year.

Who is it for

People who want to use raw data for:

  1. Building dashboards that provide insight into different features of the data
  2. Loading the raw data into a SQL database and writing queries against it
  3. Writing programs that consume the data in JSON format and analyze it

You don’t necessarily need to know how to program. You’ll find it useful if you’re a game designer, work in marketing, or are a web3 game developer.

This is one of the first big steps to making Moonstream a self-serve product that game designers can set up and use to manage web3 game economies.

It’s a powerful tool, so share this post with your friends and colleagues! We’d also love to hear your feedback on how to make analytics better for your needs. Don’t be shy, reach out to us on Discord (:

Thank you for reading~