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Moonstream DAO Reputation System updates

Weekly updates 08.25

Latest news this week:

> Our team participated in Paradigm CTF 2022, a web3 focused security competition. The competition consisted of a series of challenges and teams were awarded points for the challenges they solved.

Our goal was to come in the top 33%. We came in (tied) 54th place, had a lot of fun, and learned a lot in the process. There were 444 teams who received a non-zero score, and so we achieved our goal.

A big thank you to Paradigm for organizing it! 

> Moonstream Reputation System updates.

You can see the latest changelist here.

Shout out to guys from Green Pill! This is what we’ve been listening to for inspiration:

> Zomglings will be doing a demo of Moonstream Reputation System for the Game7 community on Friday, August 26, 10:00 am Pacific time. If you love new web3-based technologies, make sure to drop by! Join Game7 Discord to tune in.

Demo will take place with live contracts on Polygon Mumbai testnet. Two of the Moonstream DAO NFT badges will be revealed.

> NFT Dataset v2 work continues. 

The dataset is too large right now (weighing in at over 45 Gb), so we need to take some time to compress it. We are going to crawl data from QuickNode nodes into existing data schema. Then we will start modifying data schema so that it’s easy for analysts to work with the dataset.

> Adding NFT metadata and smart contract state into Moonstream API is in design phase.

It will allow us to return data about NFTs directly from our API instead of having to collect data from external sources (Infura/Alchemy) without additional blockchain interactions.

Check out the design doc here.

> Dossier API is in design phase.

This API will allow its users to keep notes about Ethereum addresses in a private manner. Users will be able to share the information they know with their collaborators without revealing it to the public.

And as always, join our Discord server to get all the latest news! Thank you for reading~