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Moonstream Drops: Easier NFT Drops and Mint

Weekly updates 06.22

Moonstream technology updates

> Moonstream’s Dropper now supports ERC721 drops. Meaning you can now create batch NFT drops for ERC721 tokens instead of creating a new drop for every NFT. You just upload a list of wallets and specify the token ID they should receive. 

> Garden of Forking Paths now supports path specific rewards. We can also write predicates that specify preconditions for choosing a path or staking a token. For example “you must have 3 reputation points with the Queen to choose this path.”

> This week was the week when Crypto-Guilds launched their Discovery Box mint. Discovery Boxes contain a CG hero NFT, a CG Genesis Badge, and 50mil $VIL tokens.

Crypto-Guilds Discovery Box mint

img source: Crypto-Guilds website

The mint used Moonstream Drops technology (metatx API, Dropper smart contract, and Terminus protocol) and was a very smooth experience. You could claim your box if your wallet address was on the whitelist already, or buy a box to be able to claim.

Crypto-Guilds mint feedback

source: Crypto-Guilds Discord server

Community Updates

> Champions Ascension game had a sponsored “Old Sally” event at the 3XP gaming expo. Moonstream sponsored one of the achievements for players who participated – a Hidden achievement.

Champions Ascension Old Sally event

img source: Champions Ascension Twitter

And what do you know, Sphinx, who’s been a part of Moonstream’s community on Discord and Twitter for a while now, won the Moonstream prize for the Old Sally event – the most number of deaths to Old Sally at 134. Congrats Sphinx!

Event updates

> Another reminder about the Crypto Babes event this Friday – if you’re in the Bay Area, get your free tickets for a networking opportunity, to get free swag and a free Ordinals NFT from MetaBoy.

> And lastly, next week is the team vacation week for Moonstream. This means we’ll be replying to your messages slower than usual. We’ll be back on July 3rd.

There’s also a secret update only for our Discord server members.. and it’s a big one! But to find out you’ll have to join our Discord. Have a nice rest of the week, friens!