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6 reasons why you want to use Moonstream as a smart contract developer

What are people doing with your smart contracts?

Moonstream is an open source project bringing discovery to blockchains. Our machine learning algorithms scan the billions of events taking place on public blockchains every day. They alert you to events relevant to your decentralized applications.

Subscribe to events on the Ethereum blockchain and in the Ethereum transaction pool.

Upload your smart contracts and deployment addresses. We will instantly show you:

  1. Who is using your smart contracts.
  2. Which methods they are calling.
  3. Which other smart contracts they are using together with yours.
  4. How often they come back.

We will build a profile of usage for your contracts and can alert you whenever someone may be trying to exploit it.

We will also scan the mainnet and testnets for other deployments of your contract.


We are launching this feature for NFTs in September. In October we will generalize to all contracts.

You can find all of our code on GitHub. We are completely transparent. 

Join early on, the first 1000 users get free lifetime access to Moonstream. Let us build this future together. Join our community on Discord and contact our team for onboarding.