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Moonstream in Blueprint by Polygon Labs

Moonstream credited as a partner in Blueprint by Polygon Labs

Weekly updates 3.16

This week we are celebrating being a part of the most exciting ecosystem for open gaming! Moonstream is partnered with Polygon Labs and our input is recognized in their recently published web3 gaming guide. Continue reading for the details:

> Next week we are attending GDC. There are going to be quite a few exciting events! We will surely be at Fandom event and at on-chain gaming event on March 21st. Definitely let us know if you will also be there.

> We had a few infrastructure issues this week. Unfortunately, there were downtimes on a few of our APIs. All issues had different causes. We have applied short term fixes and will be making more long-term fixes over the next few weeks.

> We are seeing increased usage of our Query API and it is time for us to improve how it works to cope with the new scale of use. We prepared a design doc.

> Yesterday a monthly Moonstream newsletter came out. It overviews what has been done over the past month and offers sneak peaks at what is up next. If you didn’t receive it in your inbox and feel like you are missing out – here is a link to subscribe.

> This week’s Twitter thread describes how Great Wyrm illustrates the value of blockchain technology and why we don’t call it an NFT project. It refers to our blog post of last week – if you haven’t read, here is the link, it’s worth your time.

> We are starting weekly activities on Great Wyrm Discord. The Reda Games are endlessly replayable simulations, mini-sessions that simulate the political and social maneuvering… The details are here. If you are not yet on the server, here is the invite.

> We are proud to be credited as a partner by Polygon Labs in their Blueprint. Blueprint is an invaluable guide for web3 game developers, and it is also free. Among all, it discusses approaches available to web3 games for onboarding regular, non-web3 players.

Blueprint by Polygon Labs

That’s all for the week. We’d love to discuss Blueprint’s ideas with you. If you want to add your point of view or suggest something, let’s talk on Discord.