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Weekly updates 11.17

Another crazy week for crypto with all the insane details coming out about FTX, Alameda, Genesis.. But Moonstream continues building. 

> While this week was mostly spent in preparation for the TechCrunch event in Miami, we are also working on secret gaming projects behind the scenes that we’re going to announce a bit later..

> For TechCrunch we prepared a product demo for our dashboards. We’re making great progress on the dashboards to be able to launch them to our community in the future. With them you’ll be able to analyze web3 games’ economies and base your decisions on that data.

Moonstream was also chosen to talk about our technology at a TechCrunch stage. Shout-out to our designer for making great presentations on a short notice!

TechCrunch pitch

> And here’s this week’s Twitter thread on how to make blockchain integration fun.

Hope you’re all doing well! Don’t forget to join our Discord to stay in the loop~