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New awesome blockchain games and updated documentation

weekly updates

Weekly updates 12/11

Hello everyone! Time for some updates

> We have added two new games to the awesome list of web3 games. This time it’s Nine Chronicles and Frens Lands. We welcome contribution to the list and would be grateful for a star, here’s the link.

> A new blog post is out, it reviews the only fully on-chain horror game – This Cursed Machine, and a game that needs no introduction: Pirate Nation. 

> We have exciting plans for fullcount – the baseball game – this week: 

  • We will be adding invite-only sessions which require a signature from the session starter to join.
  • We will be updating outcome probability distributions to be more nuanced based on the distance between the pitch and the swing (distance 2 outcomes will differ significantly from distance 4 outcomes).
  • We will be adding support for full at-bats (3 strike strikeouts, 4 ball walks, foul balls, etc).

You can play fullcount right now: <>. If you do, please give us feedback!

> Updated Query API documentation now has clearer API usage examples: <>. Check it out for a better understanding of what you can do with moonstream tools.

That’s all for now, join our community on Discord to discuss blockchain and gaming.