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New moonworm release and fully on-chain games content

Moonstream weekly updates

Weekly updates 11.09

> We released moonworm 0.8.0 this week. It adds support for Foundry projects:

You can now generate a Python client library and command-line interface to smart contracts built using Foundry by adding the –foundry flag to moonworm generate-brownie.

The Python interface uses brownie to execute methods on the smart contract, which is why the command is called generate-brownie.

This release marks a shift on our part from Brownie to Foundry. We will be using Foundry more and more in our work, and plan to transition completely.

> A new X long post (formerly Twitter long post) about how fully on-chain games evolve in a decentralized way, good stuff. In case you have reservations about decentralizing game development, this post will give you some food for thought. 

> Continuing the fully on-chain theme, two new games on our awesome web3 games list on GitHub, both fully on-chain:

You can save the list for later when you want to try out a new web3 game, by giving it a star. And remember, you can add your own games to the list.

> Discord Community Hangouts are moved to Tuesdays 6 pm UTC. Join for a weekly dose of web3 gaming insights. Next week we’ll be streaming Phantasma – an alpha build of a web3 MMO with ghosts!

Have a great weekend everyone!