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On-Chain Reputation System for Discord

Weekly updates 08.04

I’ve come once again to bring you fresh updates.

Crypto Unicorns

> This week Moonstream is working on a tool to batch open Lootboxes for people who have a whole bunch of those. We will release it next week.

More on Lootboxes and when you’ll be able to open them in this post from Crypto Unicorns.


> We’ve been working on it for a while now.. Today we present to you a Discord Reputation System whitepaper for Moonstream community.

The idea is:

  • you get points for active participation in the community
  • you exchange those points for NFT badges
  • your NFT badges give you access to perks from Moonstream
  • you gather even more points
  • you level up your NFT badge
  • you get more perks!

We’re open to your suggestions on this system! Read the details in the whitepaper above and send us your ideas~

Below is a sneak peek for one of the Reputation System badges. Is it a cow? Is it a bee? What do you think?

Initiate badge sneak peek

> Crafting recipes whitepaper is another whitepaper we’re working on. Our team is planning to publish it soon so stay tuned~

> This week two podcast episodes with zomglings were released.

If you’re into both traditional and web3 gaming, I know you’ll enjoy this episode of The Blockchain Practitioners Podcast with Steven Claeys.

More into web3 gaming industry trends? Then tune into this episode of Blockchain Dialogues about the current state of the blockchain gaming industry and its trends.

> Gitcoin just announced the next grants round – GR15. We are again participating as part of the Open Gaming Initiative. Look out for more updates from us on that front. 

Gitcoin Grants Round 15 is taking place Sept. 7-22, 2022.

> Lastly, check out this epic twitter thread on why players abandon web3 games and how to avoid it:

Have a lovely end of the week everyone!

And as always, join our Discord server to get all the latest news! Thank you for reading~