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Open Gaming: Building the metaverse together

Grant Round 13

Web3 is still a controversial topic in game development. Large and established gaming companies have received massive backlash when implementing NFTs into their game economies.

While opinions on incorporating blockchain technology into mainstream gaming are polarized, there are also gems within the world of blockchain games. Projects which hint at what is possible in a decentralized metaverse.

Moonstream DAO has been most inspired by the Loot Project. First of its kind, the project provides building blocks for decentralized content creation. They created an ecosystem that people can build on and create their own content. They showed that it was possible to decouple content creation from building an ecosystem.

Blockchain gaming is not just a means of getting rich quick. Decentralized realities created by passionate groups of people can be more detailed, immersive, and compelling than anything stemming from a single mind or a single organization.

We believe that blockchain technology provides an opportunity to build compelling worlds, stories, and experiences that could not have been built in traditional media.

Unfortunately, creating and enjoying these shared experiences is quite challenging. The blockchain technology today is difficult to use and hard to understand. We see it as an opportunity for blockchain programmers to make tools that help content creators build their realities.

We are pleased to have found like-minded allies in Game7OP GamesForte and many others. You can find the full list of contributors here. Together, we have started the Open Gaming Project to make blockchain technologies accessible to creatives.

Together we aim to support projects that are creating tools to make blockchain-enabled games. We are pleased to be participating in the Open Gaming initiative as part of Gitcoin’s upcoming Grant Round 13.

The Open Gaming initiative is awarding grants to open-source projects that are building the Web3 gaming ecosystem. In this round, Open Gaming will be granting over $100,000 through Quadratic Funding to eligible projects working in the public interest to advance Web3 gaming tools, infrastructure, education and/or communities.

Open Gaming is a collective with a shared mission to fund open-source Web3 gaming initiatives and research. You can check out the eligibility for a grant here. If you have any questions or just want to chat about the future of games, please reach out to us on Discord.

Take part in creating the future for decentralized blockchain game development.