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Priorities for the near future

Weekly updates 05.25

This week our main update is an important blog post.

> It is about Moonstream’s priorities for the near future: what functionality and tools we’re currently focusing on. It’s a big update so don’t miss it (:

> Don’t forget to get your tickets to 3XP, Moonstream will be there with a booth to talk about building web3 game economies. BTW, Champions Ascension will be there as well, as one of the featured games in the Brave Esports Arena! Read more about the event here.

> And to keep you updated on Great Wyrm, the combat stages of the Troll Battle began this week. The players have had to adapt to the troll’s shifting strategies in the first three stages.

Troll battle

Please read the post about Moonstream’s priorities, and give us some feedback, or ask any questions on Discord.