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Reasons Why Leaderboards Are a Game Changer in GameFi

For most players, NFT gaming is just GameFi right now. It’s about making money. And there are several ways to earn money in play-to-earn games. Players can trade game NFTs, in-game items or get in-game achievements. 

And then there are loyalty programs that can reward players with game tokens or items that can be sold. 

Off-chain vs. on-chain

Most NFT games reward people for being active on Discord or Discord-based minigames, through Twitter contests, and activity on other off-chain centralized platforms. However, it is crucial for blockchain games to show on-chain activity and to reward people for productive on-chain activity.  

Not only does it become a good game design where players follow the intended route to get the best game content. But it also adds reliability to the project. How do you do it? With on-chain loyalty programs.

Leaderboards with associated on-chain rewards can double the market cap of a game token overnight. Just look at pioneering blockchain games like Crypto Unicorns that are using Moonstream’s on-chain data to power their decentralized leaderboards. 

Their leaderboard includes stats for the loyalty program and a visualization of where each player placed on the board. After the loyalty program token drop Crypto Unicon’s RBW token market cap doubled.

On-chain rewards can increase the size of your game’s economy by a factor of 3 to 5 overnight.

Legit game or a scam?

How do you add reliability and show that your project is not a rug pull? Leaderboards for on-chain activity and on-chain rewards do that. 

What makes Moonstream leaderboards different is that they can be used to display on-chain user stats. Moonstream’s API allows game developers to show players:

  • where they score
  • why they got their place on the leaderboard
  • the rewards they’re getting
  • how to place higher
  • any game specific on-chain statistics

Reward skilled players. Don’t let the whales overpower your economy, losing all the other players along the way.

Help players focus on earning rewards and not on having to search for all the loyalty program related information on hundreds of Discord channels. Just display the rewards directly on the leaderboard.

Players’ activity data

Moonstream provides leaderboards with on-chain player activity data that you can display right away. As far as reliable web3 analytics, Moonstream is one of the best. Using our dashboards is the most reliable source of on-chain data, with better uptime than blockchain explorers like Etherscan and Polygonscan that are down regularly.

Leaderboards without Moonstream’s API:


Staking Board

Staking leaderboard

To be fair, they do give players their ranks and the amount of points. For loyalty programs though, players would have to search for more information on what rewards they’re getting, why, and how to score higher.

With Moonstream’s API on the back-end you can have something like this, with your own customizable UI:

Crypto Unicorns Leaderboard

Crypto Unicorns Leaderboard

Our API can be used on the backend of any P2E blockchain game to create such leaderboards.

Want to know how to add a powerful leaderboard to your game? Contact us on Discord or Twitter @Moonstreamto

Know of a GameFi project that might benefit from an on-chain loyalty program with a descriptive leaderboard? Let us know on Discord and we’ll reach out to them.