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Starknet blog post and new games on awesome web3 games list

weekly updates

Weekly updates 10.26

>  Last week we mentioned working on Starknet support. This week we published a blog post to discuss in details what Starknet is and how it is  different from other chains. Read a new blog post about Starknet know more:

> New week – new games on the awesome list: Sorare and Ember Sword. If you are looking for a new game to play or to keep an eye on, visit our GitHub list of cool web3 games. Also, we really welcome contribution – if you want to suggest a project, please follow contributing guidelines. And give us a star if you find this resource useful!

> One more reason to enjoy Thursdays is community hangouts. Next week, same time, same place, unless you guys want to re-schedule it. As usual, you can bring your topic and ideas to the table.

That’s all for now, join our Discord to know more about tools we are building, blockchain, gaming and technology.