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Starknet leaderboards and updated documentation

weekly updates

Weekly updates 11.02

> We updated our documentation website at <>. Since the last update some of our tools became at least partially self-serve so check out the Core Tools docs and start using them (:

> This week’s Twitter (X) thread is about what fully on-chain games are, here is the link if you missed it.

> We keep on populating the list of cool web3 games. Two new games on the awesome list: WILDCARD and Phantom Galaxies.

> This week, we launched three production leaderboards for Starknet games.

Our Starknet integration is not as mature as our integrations with EVM chains like Ethereum, Polygon, zksync Era, and Gnosis Chain. If you build or play games on Starknet, we would love your advice on how to improve our Starknet leaderboard experience. 

The biggest difference is that, on EVM chains, leaderboards are generated automatically. We are still manually writing leaderboard generation code on Starknet. The code for these leaderboards is open source: Influence.eth, Loot Survivor.

> A reminder that we hold weekly community hangouts, join us next Thursday! 

That’s all for the week, have a nice weekend. Join our Discord to keep in touch.