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The Great Wyrm – A Player-Owned RPG

Great Wyrm cover

The idea behind Great Wyrm

We are creating a game where players grow the game world for each other. A game where content creators are rewarded for making things other people enjoy.

No corporate overlords collect taxes here. All the fees go to content creators, and to support the infrastructure behind the game. 

No Open Gaming License drama, where a company tried to tax and control all community content. No music streaming service-like royalties that leave main content providers with less and less revenue while paying more to big corporate partners. Business decisions like that do not create sustainable projects.

Great Wyrm is made to value and support creators while also being a fun RPG to play. 

This game is made possible with the help of our partners – Caldera and OP Games.

Choose a path to proceed

Why play 

Great Wyrm is the only player-owned role-playing game in the world. Great Wyrm players have full control of the world we all play in.

You can create content. You can commission content. You can sell and buy content without paying taxes to the game creators. 

Put a lot of time and effort into creating a campaign as a Game Master and have no one to play it? Find your community here. Bring the content you’ve developed but haven’t had a chance to play though. 

A stage in an adventure

How to play

You can create your own stories behind the paths you choose. Form alliances based on your choices. Convince other people to join your alliance, or trick them into choosing paths that end in despair. There are several game modes to be explored, like the Majority Game, the Minority Game, Prisoners’ Dilemma, etc.

Become a Game Master if you want to decide which paths lead to character advancement and which paths lead to their doom. 

Become a Lore Master to have the last vote on which player-created lore becomes canon.

You can begin by joining our Discord server and introducing yourself! The game is now in early access. You can start creating your own content, making your own characters, forming alliances, or apply to be a Game Master. The world is your oyster.