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The largest web3 leaderboard ever and Fullcount external PRFAQ

Weekly updates

Weekly updates 12.18

Hi everyone! Holidays are around the corner but our weekly updates are much closer…

> One of our customers is releasing the largest web3 leaderboard ever, with over 300,000 players. This is coming in January. Our infrastructure was able to scale well to this level of use, but we have also realized that we wouldn’t be able to support 10 such projects. So in Q1 2024, we will be building Moonstream 3.0, which can scale to hundreds of millions of users, and thousands of blockchains. 

> Welcome two new games on the awesome list of web3 games! The newcomers are Engines of Fury and Rumble Arcade. By the way, where do you guys look for new games to play? Let us know in #general-chat, it will be very helpful!

> We are ready to share the Fullcount External PRFAQ, which answers questions about the game and its target audience. The PRFAQ is a living document that we will update regularly as Fullcount evolves.

That’s all for now. Have a nice week and a wonderful end of the year. Next week we’re going on vacation but we’ll be available in #general-chat on Discord if you want to discuss anything.