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Troll battle premiere and Great Wyrm landing page updates

Weekly updates

Weekly updates 05.04

> This week’s
Twitter thread is a TL;DR of our Loot Project research. So check it out if don’t have the time to read the full article but are still curious about how decentralization functions in the wild.

> We’ve almost finished the guide for our fantasy RPG Great Wyrm. Give it a look, maybe you’ll find something that interests you and start playing (:

> Starting Monday, we’ll be running “Troll Battle,” the first Great Wyrm boss fight. It’s the grand premiere of our new boss battle contract and the first test of a combat mechanic we plan to expand on in future games.

All are invited to join the fight – in fact, there’s a very real chance that the troll will destroy us otherwise. Details of the combat system and the battle will be published on the Great Wyrm discord today and tomorrow. If you don’t have a Great Wyrm character yet, reach out to us on the Great Wyrm discord and we’ll get you set up in time to fight.

Stage one of the Troll Battle begins on Monday (5/8). The story of the Troll Battle was spontaneously created by players during the first Reda Game.

> We’ve completely revamped the Great Wyrm landing page to include fresh new information on how to start playing and what cool things are coming to the game soon. That includes economic loops and new game modes!

Behold: <>

> Dropper v0.2.0 improvements are here.

Multiple projects have successfully integrated with Dropper v0.2.0 on testnets. We expect the first Mainnet integration with the new Dropper contract to go live in June.

While the integrations were successful, we did identify several places where we can improve the developer experience around the Dropper. We have started implementing these improvements. We plan to complete the first round of improvements next week.

> Huge shout out to @ShivaLaguna (, one of the earliest adopters of the Dropper contract, for a PR that adds some much needed functionality.

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