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Troll battle update and Great Wyrm roadmap

Weekly updates

Weekly updates 05.18

> We’re getting excited to go to 3XP Gaming Expo by Game7. The expo takes place June 8-9 in Pasadena, but we’ll be there ~June 7-10. Come meet us at our booth, we’ll be talking about building a sustainable web3 game economy with player rewards. More details to come..

> We overviewed channels of outreach and communication with web3 gamers. The report overviews web3 newsletters, web3 social networks and Brave browser. Read more here.

> Troll Battle update: Our first ever boss battle continues. Players have selected their characters’ attributes and the items they will use in the battle, and the first stage of combat is underway. 

> Speaking of web3 games, here’s our roadmap for Great Wyrm RPG that we illustrated this week:

> This week’s Twitter thread is about our candid lessons from last two years of operations creating healthy game economies.

That’s all for the week. Have a nice rest of the week! If you are interested in blockchain and technology, join our Discord.