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Upcoming Starknet support and Gamesbeat NEXT

weekly updates

Weekly updates 10.19

Hi everyone! It’s time for weekly updates,

> This week we welcomed a new team member! Now the moonstream team has an experienced product manager onboard, so new great achievements are waiting for us. 

> This week we have two new games on our awesome list: ChronoForge on ImmutableX and Influence on StarkNet. ChronoForge has an open playtest on October 21-22 and you can already play Influence , so check them out! 

You can also suggest games to the list.

> We experienced an extended outage with our crawler serving the Polygon blockchain earlier this week. We’ve since restarted the affected workers and have managed to restore all missing data. The system is now fully synchronized with the blockchain. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to any member of the Moonstream team. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

> We are working on deploying our functionality on the Starknet blockchain. This week we manually created a test leaderboard for one well-known game project. Next, we will automate the pipeline so that each user can create a leaderboard themselves. Also, this task made us realize that leaderboards should allow for more customization, and it will also be implemented with starknet support.

> Early next week, October 23-24, we will attend GamesBeat NEXT in San Francisco. If you also plan to be there, let’s meet!

> Next week community hangouts are Thursday 5pm UTC, don’t miss it! This week we were discussing another batch of web3 games and Join us next week!

That’s all for now. Have a great end of the week. Join our Discord to discuss blockchain, technology and gaming. We hold community hangouts in voice channels weekly.