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Updates on drops management and mini-games announcement

First Reda game is going live today

Weekly updates 3.23

This week we updated dropper, talked about essential technology for web3 games, and are launching the first mini-session of Reda games today!

> You can now manage drops on We are consolidating all of our frontends to that site, and soon,, and will all be united under a single portal interface. 

> We are working on a signature wallet – a web-browser solution to be used by our clients to store keyfiles for drops. We started working on a design doc.

> The first Reda Game will be live this afternoon! Starting today we will host weekly mini-sessions on Great Wyrm discord. They simulate the political and social maneuvering through which characters vie for power in Queen Seraphima’s court in Heelis, the capital city of the Kingdom of Reda. New games will begin on Thursday afternoons and be open through Monday evening. Get ready to face an ethical conundrum and a hungry troll and join us on Discord. We will help you get started there. 

> Don’t hesitate to come to the Old Maud’s Tavern channel on the Great Wyrm discord for more opportunities to roleplay their characters. 

> This week’s article is about essential blockchain technology for web3 games made by Moonstream.

> Next week is vacation! The team is on vacation and will be back on April 3rd. But keep an eye on our Twitter next week for posts about our open source technology.

That’s all for the week. Have a great rest of the week!