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Updating the web3 gamers’ Player Portal

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Weekly updates 06.24

Some weekly updates for you this Friday:

Crypto Unicorns

> Last week we announced our Player Portal update for stashing any amount of UNIM and RBW into the game for Crypto Unicorns players. It only worked on testnet though.

This week we fixed that and you can now use it on mainnet. 

Player Portal Games

The Crypto Unicorns portal makes it easy for you to stash as much UNIM and RBW as you want into the game with a single transaction (rather than a bit at a time through the Rainbow Marketplace).

!Be warned: You should only do this with the wallet that you are already using in game. Otherwise the game server will not credit your in-game account with the UNIM and RBW.

Crypto Unicorns stash


Zomglings was meeting people at NFT NYC this week. He’s met with frens from OP Games, Game 7, Champions Ascension, Crypto-guilds, Gmfrens, MetaMask, and many more! Did you get a chance to attend? How did you like the conference?

Anomura at NFT NYC

Anomura at NFT NYC

> Today we posted an educational article about how to find good NFT games and avoid investing in scams. You can find it here.

What do you pay attention to when choosing NFT games to participate in? Besides interesting gameplay.

> We also posted a Twitter thread about tokenomics and why we think game tokens should stay cheap.

Podcasts and Twitter Spaces

> This week an episode of Blockchain Life Podcast on why gamification is the new way of doing business with zomglings went live. Have you ever wondered what “zomglings” meant? Find out and listen to the episode here, it’s pretty short.

> This week the Gitcoin’s GR14 has ended! As part of the Open Gaming Initiative this round, we took part in Twitter Spaces related to the grants. Here are the recordings of those conversations if you missed them live:

Why would you open source your game?

Dark Forest: the potential of open source gaming.

> And lastly, next week is a week-off for the Moonstream team. We’ll be around but will reply a bit slower. The team will be back July 4th.

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