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Web3 Conferences to Attend

Weekly updates 10.27


> You’re gonna love this! We just released documentation for our multiplayer choose your own adventure mechanic: the Garden of Forking Paths. It explains how the mechanic works with Game Masters and Players. It also contains details about the GOFP smart contract.

> We announced our partnership with Kapital DAO on Twitter. Looking forward to working together!

> Get ready for the October issue of Moonstream Newsletter early next week. Sign up if you haven’t to be the first to know about Moonstream’s latest technology updates. You might even catch an update that you can use in your web3 endeavors.

Podcasts, conferences, posts

> The Crypto Frontier Podcast with zomglings is out! In this episode he shares his expert views on the future of web3 and gaming, check it out!

> San Francisco Blockchain Week begins next week. Zomglings will be at the GAM3R Forum at UC Berkeley on November 2, 2022. The panel’s called: “Does Your Game Need To Be Fully On-Chain?” Drop by, let’s connect!

And if you’re attending the SF Blockchain Week, we’re inviting you to come to our small web3 builders meetup on October 31st at the Orange DAO Node 0. RSVP here.

> Next week, Moonstream was invited to Women Web3 Investor Social for SF Blockchain Week, hosted by Maven and Orange DAO. You can find us there Tue, Nov 1.

> This week, zomglings spoke at a panel at PatronOrange DAO event. The panel was led by Amber Atherton and was dedicated to the current state of web3 gaming and NFTs. It was an in-person event and a good time was had by all.

Panelists were: Brian Cho from Patron, Charles Du from the VBA, and Vivian Shen from Juni. 

> Is “actionable data” like “edible food” or is there more to it? Read my opinion on it in this blog post (:

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