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Weekly updates 12.08

>Week 1 of Shadowcorns: Throwing Shade went smoothly.

We built our own leaderboard for the event. This one ranks Shadowcorn NFTs and not players! Here is the first version of it. We released it so the Shadowcorns community can start tracking their progress already. We received a lot of useful feedback from players and will be pushing updates next week. 

We also already fixed a bug with points that was reported to us. Thank you all for giving us feedback!

> Speaking of Throwing Shade, please welcome.. The Garden of Forking Paths Demo

This is the mechanic that Throwing Shade runs on. Although that event is just one way to implement it. The demo shows how the mechanic functions with an example. If you weren’t sure you needed it in your game – check it out!

Garden of Forking Paths demo

>Moonstream Security update.

We’ve published our thoughts about the current state of web3 security this week. And we decided to build our own security team. This notion page has the details and will also be updated as we develop our security operations.

Check out a TL;DR version here:

>Updated GitHub Readme.

This week we updated our Readme with information about Moonstream, who uses it, and with links to important resources. As well as other minor updates. 

All of Moonstream technology is open source. You are welcome to use and modify our code and we also encourage you to contribute to our repos.

>Hear ye, hear ye! Moonstream’s November Newsletter is out today! If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can read it here.. and then subscribe (:

That is all for this week. Tune in next week for more updates~ And don’t forget to join our Discord to stay in the loop.