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Weekly update 06.17: Player Portal, Gamelabs, NFT NYC, and Podcasts

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It’s already the middle of June, can you believe it? Anyways, here are this week’s updates:


> We are steadily adding new functionality to our Engine and Players Portal front-end. This week we added a “Supported Games” section on, which contains player portals for games that we are actively participating in.

To view this section, first click on the games card:

Player Portal

And then choose the game whose portal you would like to use:

List of games

> The Crypto Unicorns portal has an alpha version of the front-end for stashing any amount of UNIM and RBW into the game with a single transaction (rather than a bit at a time through the Rainbow Marketplace). Right now it only works on testnet (so don’t try using it yet). However, we are already working with the Crypto Unicorns team to make it functional on the mainnet.

> The Conquest.eth portal contains the dashboard that we use to plan Moonstream DAO’s strategy for the game. It shows all occupied planets with the most recent events related to each planet. The intensity of the color for each planet indicates how long ago the event occurred.

We plan to add a planet timeline view to this dashboard in the near future.

We will be writing more about our Conquest.eth strategy and operations over the coming weeks.

conquest.eth strategy

> Gitcoin’s GR14 approvals will be finalized this weekend. For an up-to-date list of approved Open Gaming projects in GR14, click here.

Gamelabs partnership is partnering up with Gamelabs to help build more useful tools for the Crypto Unicorns community.

Gamelabs has already made some great tools for Crypto Unicorns, like Unicorn Tinder and tools to optimize breeding and land positioning in-game. You can use it for free as a Chrome browser extension.

Moonstream always supports collaborative creation in games. We are providing access to our API for the Gamelabs team to be able to use full and current data about Unicorns and Lands. We’re hoping that inspires Gamelabs to continue creating and providing more value to the project and its community.

Let’s not forget that it’s the web3 projects that allow community input and inspire developers to advance their games and technologies behind them that survive market crashes. Let’s collaborate and support Crypto Unicorns!

Podcasts and conferences

> NFT.NYC starts early next week and zomglings is going to be there. Specifically you can meet and chat TUE June, 21 through THU June, 23.

> Podcasts and videos with talking about Moonstream and web3 gaming that are now live:

  1. Is web3 the future of the Internet? here
  2. Discussing web3 with a skeptic: here
  3. Discussion on acquiring funding as a startup; web3 and monetization for creators; and the best way to add value to people you want in your network: here

> As well as podcast with Paul Gadi of OP Games and . You can find a short summary and a link to the episode here.

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