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Weekly updates 05.27

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This week was very busy for us. However, most of the updates are either on the back-end or.. a secret for now.

Crypto Unicorns

> There were issues with the claiming mechanism for the Crypto Unicorns. We were able to fix the technical issues but if you are still experiencing problems – please reach out to us on Discord in the support channel. 

> This week the Pioneer Program RBW/UNIM Rewards were also distributed through Moonstream, Congrats to everyone who received the airdrop~ Go Unicorn fam!


Check out this awesome podcast, hosted by one of our team members! This podcast episode is on web3 gaming and Moonstream gets an honorable mention (:

Moonstream and gaming

> We were working hard this week to improve Moonstream’s technology..and so we did! We won’t bore you with details for now~

> This week we posted a thread on building a sustainable game economy. Spoiler: you need to attract and nourish a community of builders and let them create~

You can check out the thread here. Give us a follow on Twitter, too (:

> Connect with us on LinkedIn if you haven’t yet! We’ll be posting some updates there as well. 

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